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The benefits of GUAVA for cancer treatment

Among the various fruit and guava contain vitamin (c), the highest percentage contain sufficient vitamin A. Compared with other fruits such as oranges and vitamin (c) 49 material mg/100 g, and vitamin C content of guavas 2 times. Vitamin (c) is a very good anti-oxidants. Most vitamin C is concentrated guava soft outer skin and meat fat. Content of vitamin E (c, is near the peak of ripe guava. Apart from a reliable source of vitamin (c), and guavas, are also rich in fiber, especially pectin (water soluble fiber), which you can use for make a gel. Other benefits of pectin binding to cholesterol lowering cholesterol biliary acids in the body and helps with expenses. study Morrabad Singh Hospital Medical Research Center, India, found that guava may be downloaded cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and the blood pressure , high blood pressure status.

Guava (guava, Guava Lin) originated in Central America. These plants can grow well and plains of Mt. Usually planted in gardens and fields. Bush is the guava tree branch, may amount to 12 meter high fruit varied from a diameter of 2.5 cm to 10 cm more than that.

Guava also contains tannin, which bitter to fruit, but also the work of the digestive and circulatory, virus attacks and useful.
Guava also contains potassium, which increases heart rate and messages frequently, and activation of muscle contraction, and the organization of the supply of other nutrients to body cells and the control of fluid balance in cells and tissues of the body lower cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood , high blood pressure (hypertension). According to the doctors James Cerda eat guava with 0.5-1 kg / day for 4 weeks, the risk of heart disease to reduce by 16%.

Lycopene in guava, is also potential material resources nutrition than fiber. Lycopene is Karatenoid (major pigment in plants) found in the blood (0.5 moles per liter of blood) and also has anti-oxidant activity. Studies on Italian lycopene Epidemologic researchers, including 2706 cases of cancer of the oral cavity, acut ulcer, esophagus, stomach, colon and rectum, or the increased consumption of lycopene, guavas, especially red meat, and tasted nice to negligible impact on the body provides protection against certain types of cancers.

Besides the benefits of guava preserve the health of blood vessels, heart and blood vessels to prevent cancer, strengthen the immune system against diseases and promote health of the gums, teeth and capillaries and helps to absorb iron and wound healing. Guava is also a strong anti-inflammatory, to stop the bleeding and diarrhea, for example in people with dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF).

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Cervical Cancer Prevention Tips

1. After urination, the vagina should be dry with tissue paper.

2. Change underwear 2 times a day.
3. Replace sanitary napkins at least 2 times a day, if the conditions of menstruation. 
4. If in sleep should a woman do not use underwear. 
5. Do not touch the vagina when your nails dirty. 
6. Avoid eating fruits that can increase the production of lenders, such as: pineapple, cabbage, cucumber etc..
 7. Do not let your underwear often in wet too long
.8. Should perform an ultrasound examination / screening routinely uterus. 
9. Do not do sex free.

Save the women.IDI (Ikatan Dokter Indonesia)

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The risk of esophageal cancer: Each woman who had had sexual intercourse with cervical cancer risk. Cervical cells may encounter those who need to do a Pap smear test regularly change (regardless of who owns or who did not receive a Pap smear test). Similarly, you may get cervical cancer who smoke is very large. Meets Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is often suspected as a cause of cervical cell abnormalities. There is a sexual partner change or the beginning of sexual activity at a very young age may also increase access to cervical cancer risk. How you should do to prevent cervical cancer? First, if you have intercourse you should do a Pap smear test every two years to do this on a regular basis, until you are 70 years old. In some cases, doctors may be recommended for a Pap smear test more frequently. The second thing is to report any symptoms such as abnormal bleeding, especially in sexual intercourse (sexual intercourse). The third is not to smoke. Statistics reported that the risk of cervical cancer will be higher if women smoke. Such a number of actions that can reduce these risks, we hope that from this incident cervical cancer excluded.希望. Can you imagine what you will, if you know 'the results of smear' you gave abnormal results? Of course, you will feel fear and anxiety, when you find that 'the results of smear' You is not normal. But do not worry too much before, because not all of the appearance of cancer cells, not the normal means. It 'Pap smear' can be found at an early stage, abnormal cervical cell changes. Paradigm to remember is to test 'Pap smear' early detection of abnormalities would be easier to resolve. What does it mean that if the 'smear' You is not normal. The results 'Pap smear' that if the abnormal cells from your cervix when examined under a microscope will be different from the appearance of normal cells. This event usually occurs in 10 test 'Pap smear, '1. There are several factors that can provide evidence found in the specter of 'smear' is not normal is:

  1. Not satisfied with 'Pap smear'
  • In this case, this means that employees in these labs can not see your details rahims can not make a report to your doctor komprehensive neck cells. If this happens to you you should come and check the 'Pap smear in time' back by your doctor to decide.
2. If there is infection or inflammation of the
  • Sometimes tests 'smear' gives the inflammation occurs. This means that, in the neck rahims experience a minor nature to stimulate the cells. Sometimes inflammation can be detected through a 'Pap smear', even if we do not think that, because terasanya complaints do not cause clinical symptoms. Why is mixed. May be due to bacterial or fungal infections, because '. Consult with your problem and deal with this doctor, if necessary. When you had to 'smear' any more.
3. Is not typical or atypical minor
  • This situation means that, if the test 'smear' change detection cell rahims neck, but it is a minor reason is not clear. In this case, the usual result being reported as shaped '. Usually the appearance of change, a result of this inflammation, but also because it is not uncommon infection. Because at this stage to make a final diagnosis is not possible, the doctor may recommend a further 6 months, check your. In general, these cells will be back to normal. Therefore, it is very important to you to do 'smear' again to ensure that exception, on the first examination shows that it is not a serious obstacle. If the results, then you will probably recommend a colposcopy the same results.

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Are you protected from the dangers FREE RADICAL?

Perform Inspection Total antioxidant status, SOD and GPX

Free Radicals and it dangerous :
Free radical is an atom. molecules, or compounds that contain one or more unpaired electrons that are so highly reactive.

The formation of free radicals in the body :
● At the time we breathe
(a byproduct of oxidation or combustion processes)
● Excessive Sports
● If there is inflammation
● Environmental pollution exposure
(smoke cigarettes, motor vehicles, radiation, etc.)

In the event of infection, the radical needed to kill infectious microorganisms. But exposure to excessive free radicals and continuously can cause cell damage, reduces the ability of cells to adapt to the environment, and can eventually cause cell death. Reactive free radicals, can cause cell damage, reduces the ability of adaptation to cell, that cell death causing disturbance / illness.

 Diseases caused by or associated with free radicals :
● Cancer
● Atherosclerosis (narrowing of blood vessels)
● Penuan (Aging)
● neurodegenerative disease (Alzheimer's Disease, dementia, etc.)
● Disease / lung disorders, liver & kidney
● Cataracts, etc.

Antioxidant Body System, Hazard Against Free Radicals
To fight against the dangerous of free radicals, the body has been preparing the antidote to the system antioxidant. There are 3 groups of antioxidants in the body:
● Primary Antioxidants
Prevents the formation of free radicals, such as transferrin, ferritin, albumin.
● Secondary Antioxidants
Function capture free radicals and stop the formation of free radicals, such as Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), Glutathion Peroxidase (GPX), vitamin C, vitamin E, B-Caroten, etc..
● Antioxidant Tertiary or repair enzyme
Functional repair tissue damaged by free radicals.

Antioxidant Status Examination.
currently available laboratory tests to assess the body's antioxidant system, namely:
● Total Antioxidant Status.
An examination to measure the capacity and the total antioxidant activity contained in the body.
● Superoxide dismutase (SOD)
● Gluthatione Peroxidase (GPX)

Why do we need to check the status of antioxidants?
● Provide information on the status of antioxidant capacity of a person.
● To assess the immune system or body paerlindungan against free radical attack.

Anyone who needs to check the status of antioxidants ?
They are more exposed to environmental pollution or those who are vulnerable taerhadap dangers of free radicals:
● Seniors
● Smokers
● Obesity
● Patients Diabetes mellitus
● Patients with Hypertension
● Patients with chronic inflammation, etc..

When will we Antioxidant Status Check ?
● For the initial screening, ie before therapy and before the purchase of antioxidant supplements.
● To monitor (or assessing the results of therapy), which is performed after the administration of drugs or antioxidant supplements.

How can we Antioxidant Status checks ?
To examine antioxidant status and blood samples required no special preparation needed before. You can do a total antioxidant status, SOD, GPX at the nearest laboratory.

Exposure to free radicals may cause various diseases, but our bodies have an antioxidant systems to prevent it.
By the inspection the status of antioxidant bodies, we can find out the body's resistance to free radicals, to determine whether bullet therapy or antioxidant supplements, may make efforts to prevent diseases with free radicals, and monitor therapy / antioxidant supplementation.

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Flavonoid the Astonishing Subtance

Flavonoids in Blackberry (Black Berry), How to Experience Against Cancer!
A recent study conducted by researchers at the U.S. Agricultural Research Center and National Institute for Security and Worker Health, found that certain mixtures contained in fresh blackberry fruit is very nutritious to destroy cancer cells and malignant tumors.
The mixture is kind of flavonoid cyanidin-3-glucoside (C3G), which can dissolve in water.
Flavonoids are a type of mixture produced by natural plants, which function as antioxidants. As in the mixture of dye plants and although not classified as essential nutrients, they are able to produce vitamin C, which makes it a very powerful antioxidant. Flavonoids are also needed to maintain capillary walls and protect from infection. Flavonoid deficiencies will cause the body to bruise easily.
Flavonoids are not only protects from harmful substances that damage cells, but also prevent the growth of cancer germs in the body, slowing the growth and spread of cancer cells in the body, and others.
The Mixture of flavonoids found in fruits such as berries, apples, garlic, red wine, tea, green grapes, oranges, lemons, cherries, green vegetables, blue and green algae, and many others.

Although previous studies showed that almost all fruits and vegetables contain anti-cancer mixture of very potent, the researchers failed to find whether the type of plant antioxidants that destroy tumor cells and how they work. "Only little is known about the active ingredients in these antioxidants and how these components using it to prevent the growth of seedlings of cancer," said the team involved in the study.
In experiments conducted on rats, researchers found that flavonoids C3G very effective against skin cancer. These mice had skin cancer before the scientists begin giving supplements containing C3G. After a certain period, the researchers found that a mixture of blackberries very active against tumors that highly contagious skin and inhibits the growth and spread of these tumors.
The same experiment performed on mice afflicted with lung cancer, one type of cancer that can spread and infect other organs in the body C3G flavonoid supplements proved to be very efficient in fighting the disease of lung cancer and also prevent the growth and spread of tumors.